Interested in the peculiar transience of our built environment, the impermanence of which is ostensibly permanent, Robinson’s practice emerges from the observation and study of a variety of structures and architectures that frame the contemporary urban experience.

More recently, Robinson has been exploring themes, though her Palm house series, that reflect the global experience of isolation, fragility, shelter, protection, and renewal.

Her choice of materials is pivotal to her work. By choosing fragile gampi tissue and other lightweight papers as a substrate, her work draws attention to the fragility of both the natural and man made world and brings into focus the irony between the inevitable destruction of the welded metal building and the museum-conserved future of its likeness, pressed into semi-transparent tissue.

Her innovative printmaking methods allow for spontaneity, experimentation and a scaling up of the size of her prints; each one being a unique and expressive work on paper.